Sculpting stories

I love shaping stories and working with writers to help sharpen their works. At Los Angeles Times, I ran the Arts and Books sections, editing articles and reviews for online and the daily paper, as well as long-form and prestige pieces for the Sunday edition. At Good media, I built a worldwide network of global contributors filing stories around the word from Pakistan to Iceland. And at LA Weekly, I managed a staff of editors to put out our edition each week.

I also work as an editorial consultant — helping to connect publications with writers and build an editorial vision, and working with writers to develop ideas, hone their writing, and create pitches that will resonate with editors. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact me here.


LA Weekly

As managing editor of LA Weekly, I worked on more than 204 issues, but a handful were particularly fun to create. Here are some special issues that I spearheaded that were really rewarding to make. 

Summer Dining Issue 2016: Modern Mexican Cuisine

A new generation of Angeleno chefs is reshaping the way we think about Mexican cuisine in our town.

L.A.'s Mexican food is legendary, but this legion of hometown heroes is creating dishes with a distinctly Angeleno approach. Think locally sourced ingredients and cross-cultural mashups; health-consciousness and flavor-forward experiments. These chefs take traditional recipes and reinvent them according to their own rules, forged by the L.A. experience, where culture collisions are the defining characteristic of what makes this place great.

Read some of the articles I assigned and edited in this series, and watch the video I commissioned/produced with filmmaker Hso Hkam on chef Ted Montoya here.

Native American Issue 2016

Los Angeles has the largest population of indigenous peoples in the entire country, and Native Americans have played a crucial role in shaping the cultural landscape of Southern California. While First Peoples have endured a sometimes complicated history here, these contemporary Indigenous filmmakers, writers, chefs, and artists recontextualize what it means to be a Native Angeleno today.

I spearheaded the creation of LA Weekly's first ever Native American issue to be released right around Thanksgiving. It's in line with Native American content that I've assigned and published in November each year. At LA Weekly, I coordinated all of the editors to feature content that was all centered around Native Americans who lived and worked in Los Angeles. Our main feature was written by Native American writer Dina Gilio-Whitaker, and the cover star is filmmaker Kayla Briet, who was kind enough to let us debut her film about saving the language of her father. Check out her film and read more of the issue's articles here.

Road Trips Issue 2017

Summer in Southern California is a philosophy; that conscious decision to fling off the mantle of school stress or work woes and rustle up some buds, your love or your young spuds for some much-needed R&R. Summer is a state of mind, and for many it begins with an idea: Let's hit the road.

For this Road Trips issue, we charted a course across the Southern California region, taking Angelenos in adventures everywhere the Santa Ana winds blow. Read all the articles I assigned and edited here, and discover everything you wanted to know about the Idyll-beast, the Sasquatch of Idyllwild, in my piece about the mysterious creature